TV Channels

    Rp 225 ,000 /month
    • 51 Channel
    • 4K Channel
    • 35+ HD Channel
    • Video On Demand (VOD)
    • Catch Up TV (Lokal Channel)

Channel Category

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Product Information

  1. After purchase, your Biznet IPTV STB will be sent to your address.
  2. You will get 1 year guarantee for Biznet IPTV STB starting from the active date of the STB.
  3. Every purchase of Biznet IPTV STB, you will get 3 months of free access to all channels starting from the date of activation.
  4. For the next purchase of Biznet IPTV service, payment can be done via GoPay with the following steps:
    1. Open the menu in Biznet IPTV STB.
    2. Choose My Account.
    3. Choose Manage My Subscription.
    4. Scan QR Code on your TV screen.
    5. Choose "Check Payment Status".
  5. There is no subscription contract for Biznet IPTV service, and you can watch programs from various local channels and VOD (Video On Demand) service, for free.
  6. Save more with Biznet IPTV services, subscribe to 1 account and you can enjoy Biznet IPTV services up to 4 Biznet IPTV STB units.
  7. With The New Biznet Fiber Internet connection, you can watch your favourite program using Biznet IPTV.


Effective on 1 October 2021, all channels under Disney management will stop airing on all Cable TV/Pay TV networks in Southeast Asia/Hongkong region, including on Biznet Home Combo and Biznet IPTV services.